Off-Grid Solar-Diesel Hybrid Solutions

CRONIMET Mining Power Solutions specializes in integrating renewable energy with off-grid power systems. After a detailed feasibility study our bespoke hybrid solutions are designed to optimize fuel savings and deliver the lowest levelised cost of energy backed by our innovative financing, monitoring, and O&M expertise.

Since 2012 CRONIMET Mining Power Solutions has led the way in the development of the solar-diesel hybrid concept and in conjunction with the German inverter supplier SMA, developed a PLC control system to interface between the mini-grid and PV facility that enables the optimal amount of PV to be utilised and now marketed as the SMA Fuel Save Controller.

CRONIMET Mining Power Solutions developed and continues to operate the world’s largest PV-diesel hybrid facility at a Chromite mine in South Africa and has proven that integrating solar PV into an isolated grid reliant on diesel generators for base load power will reduce fuel consumption and can reduce the cost of diesel by more than 30%.


  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Minimize fuel expenditure
  • Mitigate risk of fuel-price inflation
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
Cost savings (energy)
with solar power