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IPP Development

Whether your organization is a public utility, a private company, a local development group, or an infrastructure investment firm, CRONIMET Mining Power Solutions contributes its resources and expertise as a strategic IPP developer and investor to co-fund and realize your individual power solutions.

An Independent Power Provider (IPP), is a special, or single purpose vehicle solely developed to sell the electricity off-taker with a designated energy supply.

CRONIMET is the only vertically integrated IPP development company in Sub-Saharan Africa that has specialized in developing, engineering, financing, constructing and operating PV/Diesel hybrid power plants.

CRONIMET was the first IPP develop in 2012 to engineer, finance and to realize a PV/Diesel hybrid PPA with a private mining company, and it remains the only IPP developer that has consistently invested in R&D and contributed its engineering resources to improve the delivery of its IPP development process to public and private sector heavy energy users.